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Council For Debt Collectors Membership Number: 0059698/12 

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Debt Collection Services in South Africa

FDRS creates that very important 3rd party impact required to recover outstanding debtoraccounts when it comes to debt collection services in South Africa. FDRS operates on a no success no fee principle and the demographics of our clients are from various parts of South Africa. We render services to the liquidation industry as well as corporate clients thatare industry leaders in the market segments they conduct their business in. We only invoice commission on successful recoveries.

FDRS is dedicated in assisting businesses collecting its just debts from those who do not pay. We have a personal approach to each instruction. FDRS set up appointments if required / justified and try and facilitate open communication with debtors. If required, mediation and litigation process are conductedat no cost (Gauteng), our aim is to recover your outstanding amounts. FDRS aims to establish a win situation for our clients before excessive legal costs applies. We can assist you in collecting what is rightfully due to you. We provide frequent reports on instructions received and are in contact with our clients throughout the collection process.

The success rate of FDRS is way above the industry norm due to our results driven approach. FDRS focuses on setting and maintaining quality standards on a “right-first-time” basis. Basically, your instruction will receive the personal attention it deserves. FDRS always adheres to a professional code ofconduct.

Results from the industry show the following (30 day debtor statistics):

  1. The average percentage rate of recovery for debts over 6 months old is extremely low - based on South African debt recovery agents’ statistics
  2. The older the debt, the harder it is to recover outstanding amounts
  3. Debt in 90 days – success rate 61%
  4. Debt in 120 days – success rate 38%
  5. Debt in 120+ days – success rate drops between 5-10 percent every 2 weeks

Should FDRS receive a mandate from our client to pursue with summons, our alliance with attorneys enables us to do so at a flat fee of only R3000.00 VAT excl. (summons and sheriff’s cost all included - 2015 rates). As our services are not geographically bound, this applies to any summon rendered and served within South Africa.

Please note our license-/registration number with the Debt Collection Council of South Africa (0059698/12). Always ensure that the number is valid before enquiring the services of any recovery company. The number validates that the financial affairs of the company is audited, i.e. the trust account allocations are correctly accounted for (submitted yearly to the Council). The Council number is 012 804 9808

Financial Projects/Services:

FDRS has the expertise to assist companies streamline their businesses in order to have a positive result on the bottom line.  We offer a variety of services (please see Financial Services Procedure).

We not only have the experience to deal with lower level projects, but also have the ability to assist with strategic projects.

Our rates are of the best in the industry and our results are of high quality.

Our Commitment

You can trust that your business and personal matters will be handled with professionalism, integrity, and the utmost discretion. The end result will be accurate, on time, and get you great results.


"Excellent service!" -- Gary, Alberton

"They got all my old debtors collected and paid." -- George Stamatakis, Brackendowns


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Council For Debt Collectors Membership Number: 0059698/12

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